Why Safe Sand?

The Safe Sand Company has been delivering clean, white playsand to sandboxes since 2001!

Did you know that most sand sold in hardware stores, including some sands labeled as "playsand" contain crystalline silica dust -- an EPA and OSHA regulated carcinogen?

The Safe Sand Company was founded to provide an alternative to unsafe children's playsand. The State of California requires a cancer and health risk warning label on playsand containing crystalline silica. That is because most of the playsand found in today's stores is not natural sand, but actually derived from quarried quartz rocks. The dust from such sand is regulated by OSHA and known to cause fatal lung conditions. To learn more about the risks from regular exposure to crystalline silica, get informed on our information page or visit EPA.gov for research results. The Safe Sand Company is dedicated to the purpose of informing the public about healthful sandplay and distributing a safe, non-hazardous playsand for children, parents, child care professionals and educators everywhere.

Questions? Call us at: (415)971-1776 or email: sandinfo @ safesand.com.