Order sand online here! The Safe Sand Company has been delivering clean, white playsand to sandboxes since 2001!

Did you know that most sand sold in hardware stores, including some sands labeled as "playsand" contain crystalline silica dust -- an EPA and OSHA regulated carcinogen?

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Caribbean Beach Sand

Bulk Beach Sand
The White Playsand we sell is wonderfully suited for indoor use because of its low dust and its packaging in small (25 pound) boxes. But, many large outdoor sandboxes, volleyball courts and beaches seek the natural, chaulky sand found on a Carribbean beach. Safe Sand Company offers responsibly harvested aragonite from the Carribbean in minimum orders of one ton. This true beach sand, makes wonderful sand castles! Please be aware that the sand arrives in ton sized "totes" weighing about 2000 pounds. This requires the delivery site to either have a loading dock or equipment or labor to remove the sand from the truck. In some instances we are able to deliver the sand via dump truck. If you would like a quote on your bulk order (20,000 pounds or more), please email: bulkaragonite @ safesand.com!

This beautiful creamy white sand is carefully and responsibly harvested directly from the blue Caribbean waters in its natural state. Containing tiny shells and degraded coral, this sand flows smoothly between the fingers.

Supplier's Statement: "Aragonite sand is a renewable resource found in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Aragonite forms an immense underwater desert covering thousands of square miles containing billions of tons of sand, and the sand is continuously replenished through a process of precipitation. Aragonite is responsibly harvested in coral free areas of the seabed, remote from marine habitats. In over 20 years of harvesting there has been responsible stewardship to marine life as the greatest care is taken to protect the pristine seascape in order to bring you the safest and most beautiful sand in the world."