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by Alex Miller

Hip Shirts for Toddlers Toddlers hoping for a break from the cute little puppy or sailboat motif shirts Mom buys should check out the offerings from Rocket Tots.

Rocket Tots features shirts in the 6-18 months and 2T-4T size range, with designs such as a skull, a red star, the cool Rocket Tots logo or purple flames. They come in T-shirts, jerseys, tank tops and an especially hip blue gas station style. Prices range from $16-$33—not bad for boutique-style shirts.

For more info, check out Rocket Tots at

Woody’s-Straight From the Barbershop Forget about the bottle of Old Spice that’ll sit on Dad’s shelf for years — the hot item this Father’s Day comes from Woody’s Quality Grooming. With the emphasis on good-smelling, anti-foofy grooming products men will actually use, L.A.-based Woody’s has a short line of basic hair-care products Dad will love.

Woody’s comes in vintage-style packaging — tins, flasks and even whisky bottle-looking things complete with bar spouts. The line includes shampoos, conditioners, gels and pomade—enough to get the job done without confusing guys with too many bottles.

If Dad is the kind of guy more likely to head to the barber shop than the salon, Woody’s makes a great gift. The products are available at Fred Siegel and Pure Beauty locations. For other L.A.-area locations that carry Woody’s, check online at

Baby Bath Products from Indigo Wild Baby bathers looking for an all-natural alternative might wish to try Indigo Wild’s Wee Line of bath products. Formulated from pure and gentle ingredients, the line includes a Wee Bar of soap, Wee Rub moisturizer, Wee Mist spray and Wee Body lotion.

The Wee Line is all scented with lavender and free from the kinds of additives that can affect sensitive skin. The fragrance may not be for everyone, but then again, it could be just the ticket.

Priced from $5.50 to $16; available in specialty boutiques and natural food stores or online at

Home Fertility Testing Made Simple Women looking to get pregnant now have a simple, portable solution to help them identify when they’re ovulating. With the new Ovulite device from Dynamic Health users observe the "fern-like" patterns of dried saliva through an illuminated microscope and compare it with the easy-to-read diagrams included in the kit. In this way, women can detect biochemical and hormonal changes in their bodies and increase chances of conception.

"Ovulite is easy," says Randi Swatt, COO of Dynamic Health. “It’s also economical, since it provides for unlimited tests. Unlimited tests are critical as it is recommended that women chart their fertility cycle for 90 days to understand their peak ovulation period. With urine-based tests, women spend an average of $400 having to purchase multiple kits."

Ovulite sells for $59.95. To find out where to buy one, call 1-800-923-9023 or check the web site at

Safe Sand As if there isn’t enough to be concerned about as a modern parent, now there’s sandbox safety to consider. Much of the playsand found in today’s stores is not natural sand, but is actually derived from quarried quartz rocks, according to Mona Lisa Wallace, California attorney and founder of Safe Sand Company.

Wallace started Safe Sand after she was shocked to find a cancer warning label on sand she bought for her toddler.

In addition to cancer risk, artificial sand particles can be a risk to children’s developing lungs. When they breathe in the sharp crystalline silica dust as they play, the tiny particles can become lodged in the lungs. According to Wallace, OSHA requires adult workers with that kind of exposure to wear protective masks. Even the EPA has issued statements warning about the hazards of inhaling dust in the most commonly sold playsand.

For more information on safer sandboxes or to purchase natural sand, visit

Bird Diaper Your baby wears one, why not the bird? These “FlightSuits” are reusable bird diapers with leash/harness option! Patented “poop pouch” keeps droppings away from bird (and you). Disposable “FlightLiners” contain droppings for hours and are reportedly approved by avian veterinarians. Also available in birdy costumes.

The Bird Diaper is sold at website, at select pet stores, and Drs. Foster & Smith pet supply catalog/website. From $19.95.

Junior-Sized Tennis Gear Young tennis players have enough to learn without having to deal with an inferior or ill-fitting racquet. The colorful junior racquets in the Guga line from Head are named for Gustavo Kuerten, one of the top players in the world. They’re designed to motivate and develop junior players’ tennis while enhancing the level of fun.

The Guga racquets are vailable in 25”, 23”, and 21” lengths for players from 4 years up and. A Penn keychain comes with every racquet. The racquets run from $30-$35 and are available at sporting goods stores.

To complement the Guga racquets, pick up a bag of Penn’s special pressureless balls, great for kids or adults learning to play. The low-compression core produces a “slow motion” effect during play for improved consistency and control, yet maintains a lively bounce for fun play. The balls feature two-tone felt for ultimate visibility, and tend to stay inside the court even when hit hard, which makes for longer rallies

Suggested retail price: $14.95-$19.95 for a bag of 12.

Multi-functional Blankie A neat new baby blanket combines a functional lap blankie with a tote you can take anywhere. Called “The Original Gingerbee Toy Blanket and Tote,” it also has four plastic links to attach baby's teethers and toys to the blanket, as well as places to attach it to strollers or shopping carts.

The 17"X17" blanket is good for children 0-3, and costs $48. For more information or to order, call 877-414-1644 or visit

Alex Miller is editor of Los Angeles Family.

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