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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Could the sand at my hardware store be dangerous?

According to OSHA, the EPA and the state of California YES. That is because most of the playsand found in today's stores is not natural sand, but actually derived from quarried quartz rocks. The dust from such sand is regulated by OSHA and known to cause fatal lung conditions. To learn more about the risks from regular exposure to crystalline silica, get informed on our information page. You can also read more from the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

What is Safe Sand Company?

The Safe Sand Company was founded to provide an alternative to unsafe children's playsand. The Safe Sand Company is dedicated to the purpose of informing the public and distributing a safe, non-hazardous playsand for children, parents, child care professionals and educators everywhere.

What is Safe Sand and how do I know it is safe?

Safe Sand is a fine white playsand, but unlike crushed quartz, it is a feldspathic sand. Our finely gradated and clean play sand is ideal for use in children's sand boxes. Our beautiful white sand is the perfect texture for creating sand castles and sand sculptures. It is approved safe and supplies an MSDS online showing it does not contain cancer causing dust. Our sand is regularly tested at Duke University and the detailed report can be read here:

What is Silica Exposure?

How do you handle shipping?

For orders up to 500 pounds, we generally use USPS shipping. It generally takes between one and two weeks to receive your sand, but occasionally our site will specify that shipping takes longer. Shipments of 2000 pounds and more are almost always shipped by carrier. The truck driver will call you between 24 and 48 hours before arriving. Our contract with the driver generally does not include removing the sand from the truck, so be sure to have hands or equipment ready to avoid incurring extra shipping charges.

Is there a less expensive alternative to Safe Sand?

Yes! Pea gravel is a great alternative. Choose a dust free, washed and sterilized pea gravel. Although these small, smooth rocks do not compact or form sand castles, it is great fun with construction vehicles and shovels. Pea Gravel can usually be found at local garden stores for about $5-10 for a 50 pound bag.

Does the sand work in aquariums and terrariums?

Our sand is very popular for use in aquariums. It will not dissolve and is safe for fish, creatures and plants. Please remove fish before adding sand and allow 24 hours for sand to fully settle before reintroducing fish.