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Indoor & Outdoor Playsand - Delivered!

For larger sandboxes, choose multiple boxes. Eg., two 25 pound boxes is 50 pounds; three is 75 pounds and four boxes will be 100 pounds. Use our convenient sand volume calculator to determine how much sand is needed in your sandbox! TIP: Be sure to distinguish inches and feet! Or, look up your sandbox on our list.

Safesand Sand Volume Calculator to determine how much sand you need by inches and feet.

* Natural sand -- NOT BLEACHED OR DYED!

* Nontoxic & MSDS to prove it - no asbestos, no lead, no crystalline silica dust.

* Ideal for sandbox play and all of its educational/developmental benefits -- molds when wet for sandcastles.

* Low dust sand popular for schools, parks, aquariums.

Schools and families love our finely gradated and clean play sand for stimulating developmental play in children's sand tables and sandboxes. This pure white feldspathic sand is extremely low in dust and popular for indoor use. Our beautiful white sand is the perfect texture for creating sand castles and sand sculptures. No free crystalline silica or quartz. Safe and fun for everyday play, sandbox, aquariums and gardens.

Our White Playsand for Sandbox is approved safe and tested at Duke University regularly. The detailed Material Safety report from the supplier/source is reprinted on the link at the left of this page.

* Natural (Not bleached or dyed), Nontoxic & TESTED - no asbestos, no lead, no crystalline silica dust. View MSDS test results showing Safe Sand is safe!

Click here to find the Safe Sand Sand MSDS