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Sample of Safe Sand's white playsand.

Safe Sand White Playsand Sample
Safe Sand White Playsand Sample

Product Description

* Usually ships next business day, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.

* Nontoxic & TESTED - no asbestos, no lead, no crystalline silica dust. View MSDS test results showing Safe Sand is safe!

* Ideal for sandbox play and all of its educational/developmental benefits -- molds when wet for sandcastles.

* Low dust sand popular for schools, parks, aquariums.

Schools love our finely gradated and clean play sand for stimulating developmental play in children's sand tables and sandboxes. This pure white feldspathic sand is extremely low in dust and popular for indoor use. Our beautiful white sand is the perfect texture for creating sand castles and sand sculptures. No free crytalline silica or quartz. Safe and fun for everyday play, sandbox, aquariums and gardens.