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Volleyball and Surfacing Sand

Safe Sand Company is happy to provide low dust, natural sand for volleyball courts and surfacing. Unlike masonry sand, California beach sand is naturally low in crystalline silica dust -- a known cause of lung cancer and silicosis. The White Playsand we sell is wonderfully suited for indoor use because of its low dust and great sandcastles. But, many large outdoor volleyball courts and beaches seek the natural, multi-colored sand found on a California beach. Safe Sand Company offers responsibly harvested beach sand (NOT CRUSHED BUT HARVESTED IN ITS NATURAL STATE) for outdoor use in volleyball courts, surfacing and aquariums.

This beautiful, natural, multi-colored sand is carefully and responsibly harvested directly from the California coastline in its natural state. Containing very trace amounts of crystalline silica dust, this sand should not be used for indoor use or sandboxes to safeguard indoor air quality. Safe Sand Company recommends use of the WHITE PLAYSAND for children and for indoor use. Crystalline silica dust, even in trace amounts, should be avoided, especially by young children and teachers who work and play around sandboxes regularly. Please order the white sand for sandboxes and indoor use. For outdoor surfacing, volleyball courts and other uses that prefer natural, multi-colored beach sand, try our Natural California Beach Sand!